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Google Allo Review : The best IM app is here

Google Allo review
Written by Mukund Madhav

Over the years, IM (Instant Messaging) market has been constantly growing. We have had apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat trying to make our medium for daily conversation. Google had it’s app, Hangouts for years but it failed to get any real attention. Today Google has come out with another app, Google Allo.

Before we begin it might be worthy to know that like we can have things like iMessage for PC, Allo is limited to your phones only.

Google Allo Homescreen

Google Allo Home screen


 Google Allo tries to mix up messaging with Artificial Intelligence. 

As soon as you fire up the app after all the verification procedure you are presented with a very clean yet efficient interface. 
On the bottom right side of the screen is the typical material designed messaging icon which you can tap to –either initial a conversation , invite friends to Allo, get to Google Assistant or even begin an incognito conversation. 
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Incognito conversation and Google Assistant are probably the reason why the app stands out from the list of other IM apps. Like Snapchat Incognito mode lets you chat with your buds that are automatically deleted as per the deletion date you set.

Google Allo's Incognito mode

Google Allo’s Incognito mode


On the other hand, Google Assistant tries to make your conversation more easy and meaningful. It can suggest you answers or display contexts from google when you need them. Assistant lets you browse through youtube or Google and then send relevant results all within the app. The app will also serve as your personal assistant – meaning- you can ask to tell you a joke or news or whatever else you like.

 Another feature I love about the app is that it lets you adjust the font size of your individual messages.  So, now I can scream or whisper to anyone even through messages.
To change the font size of a message first, type your message and then hold and up down ith the send button.
The apps also provide quick reply button at the notification bar with useful suggestions.
So, that’s it. Download the app and tell us if you like it.

UPDATE: You can draw your own arts to the pics you send.

Google Allo Review
The best IM app out there
To me, Allo could be the perfect IM app ever built. With the features it had been built with, the apps could seriously take down the market dominance of apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat.
Simple and seamless
Has Google Assistant built in
An audio call option could have added to the charm

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