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Everything you need to know about BHIM : PM’s new app

Written by Mukund Madhav

Prime Minister launched a new app yesterday called BHIM. It stands for Bharat Interface for money.

It is first of its kind Aadhar and UPI-based app. The app’s size is just 1 MB and should run on even the most basic Android phones.

What is UPI?

UPI is an acronym for Unified Payment interface. UPI got launched in February by National Payment Corporation of India(NPCI).

UPI allows to perform transactions via “virtual payment address” that is just an alias of your bank account.

On the BHIM app the UPI is <mobile-no@upi> or <any-other-preferred-user-id@upi>. It can be used to request or send money.

UPI is also accessible offline. Any user can dial *99# to access USSD based UPI menu.

Here is the tweet from Pramod Verma, advisor to NPCI and UPI.

How does BHIM work?


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The app is very simple to use.

  • Launch the app and choose your preferred language.
  • Register your bank account with BHIM.
  • Set up a UPI pin for your bank account.
  • Viola! Your task’s over.

You can now receive and send money via UPI number.

Users can also check their balance, set up custom payment address on the go. You can also scan the QR code for payments for faster transfer.

Currently, the transaction limit is Rs20,000 per day and Rs10,000 for an individual transaction. You won’t be charged anything extra for the transfer or receiving.

The best ting about the app is that you no longer need to add money to your digital wallets, payments can be made directly from the bank account.

The app supports all the important banks.

What does BHIM mean for other digital wallets?

The app’s simplicity and mixed use pose a threat to other prominent digital wallets like Paytm and Freecharge. Interestingly, Paytm updated their app to allow you to transfer money from wallet to bank within 24 hours seamlessly.

As of now, the app is only available at Google Play Store. The iOS version of the app in the works.

You can download the app here.


The app is an Aadhar enabled and thus eradicates the fuss that revolves around digital wallets.

Prime Minister said that the app would allow the citizens to make cashless and safe payments.

What do you think? Do you like the app? Do you have any confusion? Comment below!

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