Snapchat CEO calls India poor for progress, Twitter Reacts with Rage.

Written by Mukund Madhav

Evan Spiegal the CEO of Twitter yesterday made a statement saying India “too poor” to focus in expanding in user’s base.

The incident happened when a fellow employee from Snapchat asked from the CEO the reason for slow growth of Snapchat in India. He intervened the employee and said that ” Snapchat is for rich people. I don’t wish to expand it in poor countries like India and Spain”.

The incident came to light from a report by Variety and caused the trend of hashtags like #boycottsnapchat #uninstallsnapchat in Twitter and other social media sites.

Here are some of the best Twitter Reactions relating to Boycott Snapchat


Because India is an important Smartphone market.

Snapchat should check out this new filter!

When you are out of reasons to rate Snapchat a single star.

When Indians are proud of “being poor”.

The reason your bank denies you a loan!

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When Spiegal gets trolled for his nature.

-_- A little too much?

Remembering the reason for De-monetization!

Hint: Closest meaning of “aukaat”->status

And Snapchat didn’t learn anything.

For once the richest country….


What do you think about this incident? Was is correct on Evan part to call India poor?

Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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