Android has been the number one choice of user who does require customization and personalization. Over the years, Android has been forked to make this feature more and more discernible – and rooting has been the primary requirement for that. Today, I am going to talk about 10 apps every rooted android user must have. But, before jumping into that let us discuss a little bit about what rooting is.

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What is Root?

Let’s try to avoid the technical explanation here and you tell me what do you understand by the term, “root”? Yes, you got it right. Root is the base of a plant – the most core component. Similar to that, root means gaining access to core (system level) of your phone. What happens when you get access to system level? You can modify and add anything – yes, anything. Why has Google restricted the ease to root with each upcoming update? It’s because just like a real plant root, tampering with the device when you are having root access can render your phone unusable. So, to avoid you from unknowingly damaging your device Google tries to restrict the ease with which root access can be made. Not that we know what’s root lets jump to our list.

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10 Apps Every Rooted Android User Must Have

(To download an app click on its name)

  1. SDFix

If you have a phone with android version Kitkat, you probably must know how much problem is it for some apps to write on SD card. Google had made it a sort of rule that allows only the system apps to write on SD cards. Well, that sucks if you have a device below 16gbs of internal storage. Thanks to SDFix, the restriction is eliminated. Go ahead and save your backups and other pieces of stuff in SD card!

  1. XprivacyXprivacy

Most of android users don’t know the fact that until marshmallow any app you install may access everything that lies inside your phone WITHOUT your permission. Is Google cheating you? No, they display what apps can access once you install an app but hardly anyone notices! (From Marshmallow update, whenever an app tries to access a particular function –e.g. storage or Location, the app must take user’s permission). Xprivacy is to your rescue! Install the apps and see what all features can apps use and if you find thing malicious – example gallery app requiring access to NFC – you can terminate the access to the feature to the app.

  1. Flashify

Flashify is for those who frequently flash apps. Traditionally, flashing anything would require a PC or going to recovery mode but flashily aims to eradicate this procedure by providing an extremely simple way to flash. Just open the app, choose the file you would like to flash and you are good to go. Not only this, you can even backup and restore your recovery image right from the app.

  1. CatLog

There are tons of app which keep running in the background and to keep a track of them traditionally, you would require a PC and would have to undergo some command line in adb. This app generates log file for your device which will contain list of background apps, battery hungry apps and much more. A word of advice: Not everyone can read a log file, you will have to understand some terms and spend time with the app to know more.

  1. Device Emulator

In some situations, you would want to change your IMEI and other system level basic information like Android ID (There is a myth that using these types of apps will actually change your phone’s IMEI number. Remember:  the app will only change what an app reads from your phone as IMEI number). This app will let you change these information as per your requirements.

  1. Tasker

Automate everything! The one app every android user must have. You can literally automate anything and everything – and rooting just enhance the possibility. For instance, you can set the Wi-Fi should be opened when you open apps like chrome and automatically closed when you exit the app.

  1. Titanium Backup


With the features it offers, it’s hard to believe it’s free. This application lets you backup a particular app with its data. This may be very useful if you are using an operating system below lollipop (From lollipop Google stores all your app data is stored in the cloud and can be restored when you want) or if you are performing a factory reset. The app also has a huge batch option which lets you clear cache and data of multiple apps at once. The app has incredible Technical support and is highly recommended for enthusiasts.

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  1. Xmod Games

This one is for gamers. What’s so special? Developers of Xmod games are advanced coders who let you patch online games like ball pools and clash of clans. With this app you can play the game in fast or slow motion with ease – go ahead beat your friends in Flappy bird.

  1. Set CPU

Caution:  install this app only if you can fix a bricked phone

This is meant for advanced users. Over time, you realize that you need your device to be more “flashy” and you do not care how much the device heats later on. What this app will basically do is optimize CPU based on your requirements. Suppose you are playing a high graphics game and you don’t want that irritating lagging experience you would want to set CPU in such a way that performance is efficient and in case your battery is low you would like to set CPU usage to minimum to extend the time you can use your phone. Go ahead install the app.

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  1. Xposed FrameworkXposed

Welcome, the Swiss army knife for functions! The app is merely of 4-5 megabytes but had thousands of o modules which offer limitless functions. Some of the modules let you have Android N features in your lollipop device and some can even let you customize the entire decorum of your device without flashing a rom every time. Oh, and did I forgot to tell the modules are generally below 500kb of size?


I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 Apps Every Rooted Android User Must Have. Did I miss something worthy? Do comment down. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and share the post on your favorite sites!


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