Starting from 2010, android has seen a indescribably growth in its ecosystem. With people ditching their tablet PC on the go, to using apps that make life simpler and productive. Over the years several names namely, Google maps, Bing maps, Apple maps and Nokia’s Here maps has popped up – all to take you places you care about. There’s a beginning of Hurd among them. Which one’s perfect for you? Here we compare5 best navigational app  (maps) for android.
best navigational app
5. MapQuest

Its a very old web and android app known for its mapping and navigation capacity.It has a solid comparison feature which enables uservariety of transportation options, including Uber, car2go and local transit to help you determine the best available option.You can even book a car within the parameters of the app. It even lets you activate membership-free roadside assistance from our menu for towing, flat tires, etc.
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4. Waze

Waze is a entirely new yet amazing concept. Waze displays traffic and other road help, by a resource which is crowd funded by real people. Meaning it has the most accurate traffic details and the status of broken paths or other obstacles. It is the most perfect app for navigating in day-to–day lives. With community-edited maps,
you won’t hit a dead end. Waze is now acquired by Google which could mean in future, features of Waze being baked into Google Maps.
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3. Navigon

UPDATE: App removed by devs


The navigation app shows you the right way due to its deeply integrated functions such as Reality View Pro and Lane Assistant Pro. It also encodes functions such as automatic switching between day and night mode, direct access and navigation to contacts in the phone book and intelligent address entry will make your navigation even easier. The app not only makes sure that you reach the right place but also ensures your safety with a nifty feature it dubs,”Speed Assistant and Real Road Sign functions.

2. Here Maps

Nokia has a long known issue of amazing us, and so did they with Here. Nokia sold Here to Audi,BMW and Mercedes for $3b. Here combines minimalism with effectiveness. Here handles offline maps the best. You can download the entire map of a city/country and can navigate around without worrying about your internet connection. One thing I don’t like about Here is that there is no address book integration.
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1. Google Maps

I know most of you are here seeking alternatives to GMaps, but I am sorry to say that nothing is better than Google Maps. Its very fast,accurate, deeply integrated and pretty much has every function that apps possess. It has best of street view and one of most accurate traffic details. The only problem with Google Maps, it doesn’t work entirely offline. But thanks to Android Authority they even fixed that. There is no replacement for its. Its impossible and inappropriate to compare feature by feature but its simply the best.

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All the above 5 apps are definitely worth a try. I personally use Google Maps and Waze. Lately, while visiting rural areas I found myself hooked into Here Maps. Do give these apps a try and comment and tell us if we did miss anything. Till then, take care and keep your faith.


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  1. Ayush Shekhar

    March 30, 2016 at 12:34 am

    Quite informative indeed, I didn’t know about two of these. Thanks buddy! 😉


  2. Anna Rosemend

    May 18, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for sharing such a useful navigation apps for android, MapQuest would be the best option for mapping and navigation. I have website called “The Great Apps” where you can have a ton of apps along with navigation app.


    • Mukund Madhav

      May 22, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      Hey Anna,

      Thank for stopping by. I am very much glad that you liked the post. Well, its up to you what you want to choose. All 5 stand in stiff competition.

      PS: Take a look at other posts of the blog.


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