Before we begin, Let me be clear. I love Xiaomi. Their range of Mi and Redmi phones are pretty impressive. They manage to stock up a premium build with reasonable pricing. Like every other good thing in this world Xiaomi also has flaws – especially its MIUI.

5 things next miui

I have some other issues with their hardware segment too. For today I am going to skip that because their hardware is near perfect.

Without further ado, let me begin by making space for the headline! 😀

Here are the 5 things I would love to see in the next MIUI update



First of all, I should thank Samsung for this AND for the sake of technology, it is 2017. We are talking about going to the Mars, and we do not have proper multitasking features!

Efficient Multitasking is impossible without multi-window. Three years ago, Google introduced Multi-window in marshmallow. Multi window went from developer only to everyday users. Still, we do not have multi-window feature!


A lot of you may not agree with me and may call out on why even do we need a multi-window feature. Here are some of my reasons why:

  • Ever tried entering your bank account details in an app where autofill is not present. It is annoying. Your bank app will not allow you to copy paste account address. Result? You end up switching apps to copy paste some info!
  • Taking notes from an online site. You open the two apps, Chrome and Keep in multi-window mode and that is it. No hassling around switching back and forth.
  • What if I can chat with my friend on WhatsApp and at the same time I keep trolling an idiot on Reddit? The list is endless. But, you get the idea. Don’t you?

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Screen Pinning

Whoever at Google thought of this feature, Thank you so much. I love the ability just being able to pin apps.

For those of you who do not know much about screen pinning, here’s how does it work! You activate screen pinning from setting app. Choose an app to pin from recent tab also known as the overview tab. That is it. The app gets pinned.


The user cannot migrate to another app unless if he presses back and overview button at same time. Screen pinning can also be password protected. Password protection will not let you unpin an app unless you enter the password.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves. Isn’t screen pinning cool?

I would love to see Screen pinning come to MIUI. The phones would be so much better.  I can calmly hand over my phone to a kid to play Cut the Rope, without worrying if my PayPal app was password protected. Alternatively, for that matter, my parents do not “accidentally” fire up the Tinder app. I gave you an app to use, stick to the app!

Notification Bar

Do you love the notification bar in Xiaomi phones? No lies, almost everything is not-so-perfect on the panel.

Here is a snapshot:


Let’s discuss the flaws one by one.

  • Non-interactive notifications: The current state of notifications that arrive is that they are super nonfriendly. First of all the notifications do not expand. I get a message from three people in Whatsapp, and there is no way whatsoever I could read the message and either dismiss them or open the app depending my mood. You have to open the app just to check what message did you receive. The same applies to emails from Gmail and notifications from Instagram and Facebook. Also long pressing a notification just simply takes you to the notification settings for the app. Some quick tweaks right there on the notifications panel would have been nice.

  • Dull icons and animations: See the gif above. This animation is from Android 5.0 Lollipop. Isn’t the animations (material design) just beautiful? Everything lines up and each icon had a nice way of underlapping and overlapping. Next thing I would like to see MIUI implementation of better icons. All the icons including Bluetooth, wifi and mobile data icon looks terrible. Xiaomi should try to fix things there too.

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  • Quick Settings Gesture: I have not used other versions of Android much but here is something from stock that I love. You pull down the notification panel by one finger; you see your notifications. You pull down the notification panel with two fingers; you get the quick settings menu. This feature is not present in MIUI. I would love to access Quick Settings just by swiping with two fingers quickly!

Better App Lock

Yes, we can excuse Mi for this one. Thank you for providing a built in AppLock but what if I told that this could get better. AppLock can further be improved.


  • First of all, give more options in the AppLock have a proper settings app for Applock.
  • Allow us to choose between individual standard app lock settings. For instance, if I switch to another app, say Twitter and then turn back to the same app, say Apple Music  I should have an option that Apple Music will re-require the password for the second time or not.
  • There should also be an option that lets me choose if I have locked an app then the Notifications should not be displayed of the app.
  • This one is probably a bug but please don’t open the app or show what’s in the app without me unlocking the app first. This problem happens rarely, but whenever it happens, it is a blunder.

That is all with the problems of AppLock, and again I want to thank you, Mi for making an inbuilt app lock.

Redefined App Permissions

Mi had app permission a  lot before then Google introduced it in Android. Yet, that does not mean that handling of app permissions is perfect in Mi.

As a novice developer and the enthusiast user, I must say repeated app permissions are ridiculous.  

Once I allow an app that it may use my WiFi or Bluetooth, you should not ask now and then that should it use or not. Save it when I permit an app to use a feature and don’t ask again. Give me an option to change it in the settings.

This fix would be nice.

Honorable mentions!

  • Quick Switching: Double tapping the overview icon in most of the Android phones out there, let’s you access your last used app. Why don’t we have this feature in Mi?
  • Scheduled profiles: I silent my phone at 10 pm and then, switch back to vibrate when it is 6 am. What if Xiaomi phones had the option of automatically scheduling as in other phones?


  • Mi should not be bothered for this, but MI is long known for being way ahead of other OEMs here’s it. Long tap an app icon to get quick actions. Long pressing the chrome icon should bring up options like new tab, or new incognito window. Now I know as of now many launchers have brought this feature. However, what if like the MI Launcher?

That is it on our list. Do you also want something that wasn’t on this list? Don’t forget to tell in the comments below.



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