Ever since its dawn, Augmented Reality has stood out as the next big “thing.” The buzz over this field of technology is overwhelming. AR has been in minds for years, but it is now that the field is starting to take its pace!

Lets us quickly take a look at the current state of AR and what does the future hold for it.

What is Augmented Reality?

To understand the term, Augmented Reality let’s break it down.

Augmented means making something even bigger by adding something to it and well reality just states the presence of the state of things around.

Notice the lines drawn on the screen in cricket matches to show the movement of the ball? That is a mere implication of AR.

augmented reality sports

However, it is important to note that AR is not limited to the addition of images on top of the environment. The addition of sounds and other enhancement has also been made possible.

Doesn’t AR and VR sound the same? Are they same? They are similar but not same. VR puts you into a virtual environment disrespecting your surroundings. AR, on the other hand, works on putting a 3D object in your surrounding and then allowing you to see both the 3D object and environment, simultaneously.

Is the AR industry serious?


AR was just an anticipation. However, full consumer use came after the launch of Pokemon Go The AR industry is big, in fact, it is enormous. AR is gaining so much popularity that now virtually every other companies including giants like Google now wants to be in the part of the run.

If the truth is to be spoken, AR is a real breakthrough and the companies investing or interested are damn serious about it.

Leading Augmented Reality Companies To Check Out In 2017


Layar is an AR and interactive print based Dutch company. It has built a mobile browser named Layar which uses AR to find various items. It uses various sensors like Accelerometer, GPS, and camera to find user’s location and provide AR from that point of view. Blippar acquired Layar in 2014.


Aurasma was founded in 2011 and was known as Aurasma Lite. The company has worked with major companies like Disney to generate world class AR experience. Aurasma also offers a free to use Android and iOS application.The company’s extraordinary vision towards AR led it to win the “Best of CES” finalist award at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2012.

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Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack is an AR and VR-based American company. Ever since being founded in 2009, Gravity Jack has done some truly innovative works in the field of AR. Gravity Jack worked with Dell in 2016 to create an AR based experience for the EMC world 2016. Gravity Jack boosts collaboration with major brands like Intel, Dell, Coca-Cola, and Heinz.


Inition is one of the most profound London-based company. Their primary research goal is on VR – specifically VR headsets but their vision towards AR is remarkable.In 2016 they worked with Renault to create markerless AR to demonstrate the aerodynamic efficiency via concept cars in iPads.

SeeMore Interactive

SeeMore Interactive is an American based company which is popular due to its mobile apps for iOS and Android. The mobile apps are e-commerce oriented. You open the app, it scans the product and then displays relevant information about the product. The app even shows some offers and price comparisons for some items.


AugRay’s augmented reality (AR) platform combines our cutting edge technology with our surroundings to develop whole new and immersive experience. It fulfills all business needs and helps brands to create high brand recall with more relevant, personalized and rewarding AR experience. Check out their Augmented Reality Blog to know more.


Blippar is virtual discovery app created by Blippar! The company specializes in AR has done exceptional contributions to this field. Blippar lets users scan things(with AR based face profiles coming soon) and then discover content related to it. In the past Blippar has partnered with major companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Forbes and TIME Inc.

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Apparmo is a new UK based company specializing in mobile marketing and Augmented Reality. With the use of AR, Apparmo has worked with several brands to create stunning ads for mobile marketing. You can find more about Apparmo and its mobile solutions on their blog.


Daqri specializes in making wearable smart helmets. This 2010 American company has since then created truly innovative techs. Some of their famous products include Daqri Smart Helmet, Daqri Smart glasses, and Daqri Qube.


Founded in 2011, Augment is a leading AR company with more than 200 clients from 36 countries! Augment aims to provide the designer solution with their app. The app enables users to visualize their products in 3D in a real environment. Augment’s leading ideas led it to win “Best Innovation” at Ecommerce Mag Trophy in 2013.

Prospects of Augmented Reality

AR is already perceived as the technology of the future. We could see large applications of AR in every field.

The biggest advantage of AR is that it lessens the gap that currently exists between the real world and virtual world. AR is already finding its way in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing. The day is not far when AR will also be immensely used for educational and medical purposes.

All being said, AR is the future and is meant to stay!



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