Are you a stalker? Or, Are you someone who just wants to save your friends embarrassing Instagram Dp’s? Whatever might be the reason you want to download someone’s Instagram profile picture. By default, you don’t get an option to do so.

Some may argue that you can download by opening Instagram in a browser and then saving the image. But, do they get downloaded in full-size? Nope! So, what can you do? Here is how you can do so.

Download Instagram Dp of anyone [ Even Private Profiles]

There are basically two ways to do so. One is easy and the other is not hard but well. Complicated. Anyway, let’s begin with the easy way!

Video for the steps:


By app: InStacks


  • Download an app from Play Store called InStacks.

Download from Google Play

  • Open the app and give access to requested permission

InStacks Step 1

  • Now let us take any username. For this example, we are gonna use katyperry
  • Click on GO. A Loading dialog box will appear for a few seconds indicating the image is downloading.

InStacks loading screen

  • You will get a flash message that the Instagram Profile Pic is saved.
  • Swipe the navigation menu from the left. Click on gallery to see the downloaded image!InStacks Navigation Bar
  • That’s it.


Now, how about super-complicated way?

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  • Open Instagram app.
  • Navigate to the person’s profile whose Dp you have to download
  • Click on the three-dot menu and then on Copy profile URL.
  • Now open any browser, preferably a desktop browser.

  • Navigate to the link you have copied.
  • The web version of the profile will be displayed.
  • Now click on open image in a new tab.
  • After that is done, look at the URL carefully.

  • You will find this in between the URL: /s320x320
  • Remove it and then reopen the URL!
  • Viola! You have got the full-size image
  • Now long press or right click on the image and hit save.



Wasn’t the latter method a little unusually complicated?

You can always go back to using the app or just try appearing cool going the complicated way!

Let us know which method are you going to use!

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