Here’s how E-cigarettes Don’t Solve Nicotine Addiction Problem

The idea of E-cigarettes starter kits sounds too good to be true when initially you first hear about them.

They are marketed as a healthy alternative to cigarettes – people who are addicted to regular cigarettes can smoke them without the dangerous repercussions that come from smoking regular cigarettes.

However, individuals who use electronic cigarettes are still inhaling nicotine.

The E-cigarette is powered by batteries and nicotine liquid is heated up, and vapor is created which is then inhaled. As a result, E-cigarettes are not safe alternatives to real cigarettes; they are instead another unhealthy habit that people integrate into their lives.

The popularity of E-cigarettes is rapidly growing, and this is causing the FDA some concern about how to ethically regulate this product. Users Still Inhale Nicotine When Using best e-cigarettes

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The dangerous part of cigarette:

It’s common knowledge that the critical part of cigarettes is inhaling the nicotine. While, supposedly, smoking E-cigarettes involves inhaling less nicotine than smoking regular cigarettes, people will still be ingesting nicotine.

The amount varies on the type of E-cigarette that is used how much nicotine is inhaled through the vapors. E-cigarettes Are Causing More People To Become Addicted, Not Less

Initially, it was believed that electric cigarettes could be used to wean cigarette smokers off of regular cigarettes. What has happened instead is that people are taking a great liking to E-cigarettes and picking up a new habit.

This, in effect, is just replacing one problem with another, instead of being the solution.

Use of E-cigarettes:

It has been reported that quitting E-cigarettes may be just as difficult as quitting tobacco.

Also, while E-cigarettes have been marketed as being useful for weaning smokers off of cigarettes, there has been little data to back up these claims. Instead, smokers switch from smoking regular cigarettes to becoming dependent on E-cigarettes.

Use of E-cigarettes is alarming for the United States since it’s already struggling to regulate cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.

The last thing they want is a product that could eventually cause more long-term problems for the smoking population, and even make the population grow. E-cigarettes Are Already Banned in Several Countries

The negative ramifications of E-cigarettes becoming a new source of addiction have already alarmed other countries. This has resulted in other countries banning E-cigarettes.

The United States hasn’t been one of them yet, and the FDA is still debating what actions they should take.

E-cigarettes are controversial, because what the benefits are as opposed to the negative aspects of them need to be more researched. More research needs to be done to discover what laws need to be passed to regulate the usage and advertising.

The legislation is pending in the United States about how to regulate it. What does seem to be known, however, is that they aren’t a healthy alternative to cigarettes.

Users of electronic cigarettes are still exposed to nicotine and eventually could suffer from an addiction to them also. Instead of helping people wean themselves off of smoking regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes pose another thread of addiction.

Other countries have recognized the dangers of electronic cigarettes and have passed legislation against them. Jane Greeley is committed to helping people beat their addictions from drugs, nicotine, and food and gambling.

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