It was expected that the phone would look terrible, but LG managed to provide a fantastic look and feels with two beautiful screens and three cameras.
Comes with stunning B&O Headphones
Has a removable battery
Runs latest of Android (Android Nougat)
High quality audio
No app drawer by deafult

This year was a great year for Android, and like any other year, LG didn’t miss to show it’s dominance in the mobile industry with beautiful phones. The much-anticipated #LGV20 got released in September 2016, and since then there is no stopping it.

Here in this post, we take a look at the top features of LG V20 along with its pros and cons.

LG-V20: Features, Pros, and Cons


lg-v20 camera

The phone features a dual 16MP + 8MP rear camera along with 5 MP front camera. The software continues to remain the same with major hardware upgradations. The rear 16 MP camera of aperture F1.8 is coupled with a 8 MP  F2.4 camera that manages to shoot 135-degree wide angle images. Coming to the front side, the single 5 MP camera comes with F1.9 aperture. The front camera can take reasonable wide angle (120 degrees) pics perfect for cover pic selfies.

For video shooting lovers LG has got you covered with 4K video recording. The formerly introduces Steady Record feature in the LG V10 has been upgraded to Steady Record 2.0 which promises to take more stable videos with gyroscope based digital image stabilization and electrical image stabilization.


lg-v20 audio
Source: CNet

The audio is what that will prompt to ditch your old phone. The phone comes with three mics that let you record that are devoid of any noise. The phone can record 24-bit sound instead of 16-bit making audio recording much clear and crisp. The audio sounds great on the stereo speakers. The bass tones are deep and full.


Take a look the video below:

As demonstrated in the video the screen refuses to get scratch under normal scratches. So, coins and keys won’t scratch the device’s screen.As expected, the metal buttons are super-scratch reisaiastnt. The fingerprint sensor somehow continues to function irrespective of the scratches. The phone gets cooled automatically in case of a burn. The screen remains to be operational till six seconds of fire. The phone also refuses to break when bent which is a great thing.

So, what do you think of the LG-V20? Do not forget to tell us in the comment section below!

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