SD cards are extremely popular worldwide and are used in mobile devices such as smartphones, and digital cameras, both basic and high-end such as DSLRs. Commonly used in storing photo, audio, and video data, they have proved to be considerably reliable. However, there are instances when the stored data gets lost, deleted or becomes inaccessible when they turn corrupt. In such situations, the objective is to recover data from memory card, and this is what we will be covering.

Known Methods to Fix Memory SD Card Data

Let’s look at the methods that you can employ to fix SD Card issues so that you can easily recover data from your affected SD memory card:

Method 1 – In a situation where the issue is that a device is unable to read your SD card, you should connect your SD card to another device. After connecting it to another device, check if the SD Card is readable.

Method 2 – In case your SD Card turns corrupt, follow the steps below to recover your data:

  1. Insert the affected SD Card into a Card Reader, and then connect the Reader to your system
  2. Click on the Windows ‘Start’button and select ‘Computer’
  3. Search for your SD card under ‘Devices with Removable Storage’and make a note of the drive letter assigned to your SD Card
  4. Again click on the ‘Start’ button; go to the ‘Search’ box and type ‘cmd’
  5. Right-click on ‘cmd’and then select the ‘Run as administrator’option

With this, a command window will open up to fix damaged memory SD card.

  1. Next, type in ‘chkdsk’and then the drive letter corresponding to the SD card, followed by a colon and /f; then press the ‘Enter’key

These steps will lead to checking for possible inconsistencies present in the SD Card and fix it by removing the errors. Next, follow the message that prompts

  1. Finally, check the drive letterallocated to your SD card and verify whether the data files have been recovered or not

Method 3 – When you insert your SD Card to a Card Reader connected to your system and your system does not allocate a new drive letter to it, this implies that your SD Card is in a non-readable format. In some scenarios, although the Reader is assigned a Drive letter yet you get the message ‘Please insert the disk into drive E,’ this indicates that the card is unreadable.

To resolve this issue, you should assign a new Drive letter to your SD Card through the Setting option present in your operating system.

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Method 4 – If you are unable to read the files, then the ‘directory’ will list the filenames in most of the cases; however, you will not be able to access the files then. So, you should right-click on the drive letter and select ‘Properties’ option. On doing so, if you can view the ‘used space’ on the Card, and if it shows a free space mostly, then it signifies that either all the files or the directory itself has been deleted. In such instances, you can use the SanDisk inbuilt solution that possesses the ability to reinstate all the deleted files successfully.

Method 5 – Next, if you are able to read all the files but cannot save them, the chances are that your card is in ‘write protected’ mode. In such a case, you should unlock the switch to save or modify the files present in the card. If you are still unable to read or write the card, then probably the files are lost or have become inaccessible.

To fix the issue, you must use a disk diagnostic utility that can work on memory cards as well. In case the device that you have is a camera or a smartphone, you should use an SD Card Recovery software. Various SD card recovery tools are available online that can recover entire data files from damaged SD cards. However, you will have to choose the right one to be able to fix issues with your SD Card and recover the lost, deleted, or inaccessible files from it.

Method 6 – Use Stellar Data Recovery service as a resolution to recover data from corrupted memory card. This is equally beneficial to recover deleted files from SD card as well as to recover deleted photos from memory card. This guarantees SD Card data recovery in all circumstances. To obtain the services, you should contact the nearest service center of the company and convey to them the issue that you are facing with it.


We have now discussed the top six methods that can help fix SD card issue(s) as well as recover your lost, deleted, or inaccessible data. This also includes micro SD card recovery as well. You can either employ them one-by-one or select the one that best fits your case.


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