A nation as vibrant and wide as India draws visitors from all over the world. And unlike before, the technological advancements of the current age offer people with highly convenient methods of browsing, be it for different places, markets, restaurants or even a range of activities. The phone in your pocket proves to be one of the most important gadgets you can have while visiting a foreign nation. And while world’s best apps can be used here, it is best to stick to locally used apps to get detailed and correct information. Here we list 5 of the most important apps you must have installed in your phone while traveling in India:

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Make My Trip

A very comfortable mode of transportation, airways, is one of the most indispensable methods while traveling through the major cities in India. Apps like Make My Trip, Clear Trip and Ease My Trip etc. provide with easy ways to book your flights from anywhere. Also, offering discounts in air tickets, some of these apps can also be used to check in at the airports making them invaluable for traveling.

Make My Trip, Clear Trip and Ease My Trip are available for Android and iPhones.

IRCTC Connect

One of the largest railway networks in the world, Indian railway is an inevitable part of one’s journey through India. With thousands of cities and towns interconnected by railways, this mode of transport proves to be one of the best while traveling even through the smaller cities in India. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) offers an amazing portal to book and cancel tickets, check train schedules etc. through their app IRCTC Connect. The app is much better and faster than the IRCTC website. However, the only downside of this app is that it is only available for Android as of now, depriving the users of iPhone and Windows of the ease of railway booking.

Ola Cabs or Uber Cabs or Meru Cabs

Available in many major cities in India now, the taxi cab apps are greatly in demand in India right now due to their convenience and ease. Offering different types of rides like Mini, Sedan and Prime etc., the apps lets one book a cab in advance from any specific point. Ola cabs has a wider network of cabs which includes government operated auto rickshaws, government operated taxis, private cabs etc.

All three taxi cab apps are now available for Android and iPhone.

Booking Now

Be it last minute planning or last minute cancellation, Booking Now remains of the best apps for planning your stay in India. Offering a wide variety of choices, the best feature of the app is the non-charging of credit card till the previous day of the booking. This tweak lets you cancel the booking without any loss of money in the event of any change of plans.

Booking now is available for Android and iPhone.


Safety is an uncompromisable aspect of traveling. Combine safety with smart traveling with the app Glympse. Glympse helps you share your location through GPS with anyone anywhere in the world. Perfect to use while on the road or trekking or in any other social circumstance. A must-have app when one is a stranger in a foreign land not having any idea regarding the directions.

Glympse is available on all three platforms of Android, iPhone and Windows.

Just 5 of many apps that are invaluable for traveling in India, these will make sure your holidays are enjoyable and safe at the same time. A few other apps that deserve mention are RedBus, Tripigator, Zomato and Justdial.


Photo by FirmBee, CC0 1.0

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