November, Google announced that they will let users stream apps directly from Google search results so that users can actually use apps before downloading them. All we had to do was search for app via the Google app or home screen or Google now and just click on the app listing and then the app would stream. Google is bringing this capability to games – meaning now you can even stream games in android directly from Google search games in android

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But, here is a limitation. The feature is not available to all users. For using this feature, you must be on a steady and fast Wi-Fi connection with latest version of Google app installed(better the beta version for some games). If you possess the required conditions, you shall see “TRY NOW” icon right from search results. In our tests we found that stream was lag free and provided a very intuitive experience. Once the game loads you can lay the game for a maximum period of 10 minutes after that Google will ask you if you want to install the game. If in the middle of game stream, you find out it’s worth your time you can simply press the Google icon located at the left corner of the screen and install app directly from Google app- no need of going to play store.

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It’s really handy and beneficial. You don’t have to download those space hungry games and the find out that they don’t match your interests.

With more things going to stream based, Google has also announced that users can live stream their gameplay via YouTube on all android devices running kitkat and above. I already love these set of new features. If you find yourself in a situation, where in you are not able to stream a game just watch the following YouTube video.

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