It’s been years since Google ditched flash in Android in favor of supporting advanced graphics via HTML 5. Unfortunately, the world of web, unlike Google, is slow. Things take time and that is why a lot of games and some cool online apps run on flash making Android useless. That is why I have come up with this tutorial as to How to run flash on Android. Before we begin, let’s see why we need to flash on our Android devices.

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Why flash?

Flash was invented 5-6 years ago and since then its use grew up comprehensively. Before its invention, the world of web was monotonous. No cool graphics optimized logos and no online videos. Imagine a life as dull as it was! Flash intensively revolutionized the online web. What came next were sophisticated online games and popular services like YouTube. But slowly, people came to realize that flash slowed the browsing experience and something better was required. In the search, HTML 5 and CSS 3 were invented. A lot of services welcomed HTML5 and people ditched flash for HTML 5 starting from online videos on YouTube. Google made the same change and updated the browsers which rendered existing Adobe Flash Player Android’s app useless and integrated HTML 5 in Android’s browser. But as I said, change is slow therefore, a lot of services still use flash and to run them below is the tutorial.

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How to run flash on Android

Method 1 (Long but recommended)

This method is long so let’s break it down into steps to make it simpler.

  1. Head over to the link below and download Dolphin Browser for Android.
[pb-app-box pname=’mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser’ name=’Dolphin – Best Web Browser ‘ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]
  1. Once downloaded, open the settings by tapping on dolphin icon in the browser
  2. There you will find an option that has a mode to activate or deactivate flash.
  3. Exit dolphin
  4. Go to Settings > Security > and tick the box that says install files from unknown sources
  5. Open Google and type Adobe flash test. Open the page w=from search results
  6. You will be prompted to download Adobe Flash player.
  7. Download the apk.
  8. Install it
  9. All done. Enjoy your flash content.

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Method 2 (Short but not recommended)

This is snappy.

  1. Head over to Google play from the link below and install Puffin browser.
[pb-app-box pname=’com.cloudmosa.puffinFree’ name=’Puffin Web Browser’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]
  1. Open any flash content
  2. All done. Enjoy your content.

Why use the hard Method 1 when there is easy Method 2?

So, why am I not telling you to use the method 2? It’s because how of the way both methods render flash on your android devices. What Dolphin does is that it natively runs flash content on your device which results in a better flash experience compared to running via cloud – which happens in the case of Puffin browser. Why did I mention it all if that’s not recommended? Because I feel it’s always good to know to more than one method to do a thing.

I hope you did not have any problem while you tried to run flash on android.

Did I miss something? Did you incur a problem? Do you have a better method? Whatever it does not forget to share and comment down below.

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