It’s that time of year again. Not the most wonderful time of the year, but definitely the biggest wake-up call annually to the younger generations. As sure as the leaves change, and the school has inevitably started up again. With the beginning of school, students crunch to get all of their newest textbooks, laptops and school attire in order to prepare themselves for the big transition of their lives that will set in motion their futures and careers. Of course, the pressure is on the hardest for the College and Graduate students who are returning to an environment that’s actively preparing them for the real world and the next step in their careers. So how can you stay on top of your notes, your studies, and your sanity while working through some of the hardest tests of your life? The answer may be right on your phone.

The following Apps are our top five best-recommended Apps for your smartphone if you’re a college student in need of extra help this season. They may not be the number one recommended apps out there for studying, research or organization, but they’re our personal preference when it comes to getting back into the grind that comes from getting back to school.

  1. Evernote

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Evernote is a web-based and phone downloadable app that’s so thorough it’s compatible with your Google Calendar and Drive for use as an organization tool. It comes with a note option to make new notes about your upcoming tests, reminders of future meetings that save to your Google Calendar and to-do checklists you can order in order of importance for projects and essays that need to be completed. There’s very little you can’t drag and drop onto your notes too with a function that allows web-pages, images, and quotations to be saved onto your notes or files for future use in essays. Evernote is an all-in-one virtual organizer that keeps everything you need in order and managed to the best ability.

  1.   Grammarly

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Grammarly is an App that can be downloaded with Chrome for use on both PC and Mac computers! It’s an easy concept, a permanent spell-checker that goes even more thorough in it’s editing than the regular Windows and computer-set error checkers could screen themselves. Grammarly checks your e-mails, messages and even Facebook statuses for errors before posting, so it covers all bases. Not only that but its more thorough and guaranteed through Google itself to better check edits and errors caused in writing your most important upcoming college essay. It also doubles as a plagiarism checker, so it’s safe to say your teachers are probably using it too.

  1.   TaDa Time

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Then to take the ease of off studying, memorizing and mind-meltingly numb homework assignments, you can spend your time on a social networking app made easier to stay connected to your friends. TaDa Time will take the pressure off of you during exam season. Lighten the mood by throwing your TaDa into a sleepy pose on a stack of your toughest textbooks and send it to your friends. They’ll be able to relate, and will also be informed if you’re on campus in the library or studying in your room and can communicate back to organize a study group. TaDa will keep you sane during the school season, while these other apps will help you operate your workload. With these five apps and a coffee-punch card, you’ll be perfectly equipped to take on your next term

  1. SoundNote

soundnote cpr school

Have you ever had trouble keeping up with exactly what the professor was saying on a long history lecture on a Monday morning? We’re not robots. We aren’t designed to be able to be fully attentive for every lecture, class, and seminar that happens on top of the amount of studying, homework oh and still important, sleeping we have to get in. That’s where the wonder of the ios app SoundNote takes effect. SoundNote may on the surface seem like a simple lecture recording app, which is what it boasts as its main function. However there’s much more available with the app than just a record button. SoundNote also acts as a notebook with room for you to use your smartpen to take notes while the lecture is being recorded. Need to jump back to a previous part in the notes and listen in on what was being said? Just press the phrase in which the concurrent note was taken and you’ll hear the audio from that part in sequence.

  1.   SelfControl

Ever set unrealistic study standards for yourself using breaks to avoid the monotony of consistent work? Mine used to be every 30 minutes of studying or writing would earn me 5 minutes of Angry Birds playtime, (don’t judge, it was popular then.) Because of this, I got virtually no work done over the course of my time in College, unless I was used some sort of website blocker. Luckily there’s an app just built for that one function. SelfControl is an app that goes ahead and beats you to the punch with disabling your Facebook account for the month or changing your settings to make it so that you don’t stumble upon any games or content during your research hours at the library. Fair warning: the blocked sites work on a countdown, so even if you delete the app or try to work around the system you’ll be out of luck until that due date comes around.


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