Looking forward to publishing your own application in the app store? Publishing an app in the app store is not as easy as it sounds, you need to consider a lot of different things in mind before you make your app live in the store.

Today, the mobile app development market is highly cutthroat, so there are high chances that you might forget some of the crucial things. However, it is essential to form the right launch plan, reap success in the app store, and retain your users for long-term relationships as it is a multi-step process that regulates the success of your app.

After publishing enormous applications to the app store, people have realized one important thing that success is not guaranteed. However, you may find some developers, who suggest that they have some secret formula, but the reality is that no one can give a guarantee of success of the app.

As the App ecosystem is highly competitive than ever and as per the statistics, there are lots of applications that are not generating much income. So, what you will do to increase the chances of success?

Here, you can find 5 highly important things that you should consider when you launch your app in the app store. These things can help you to launch your app in the app store successfully.

Research on the Market & Know Your Competitors

Research on the Market & Know Your Competitors

Before you publish your application on the app store, it would be good for you to research on the market that you are going to target. Make sure that you consider all the possibilities that are possible to happen.

By researching on the market, you will come to know about many things and can spend time and money productively. Along with it, you can also generate demographics that have all the important things like prospect’s age, gender, location and other information. Various developers choose to opt for psychographic information like the customers’ interests, lifestyle, and more.

This way, you can know your competitors and comprehend the functionalities, market or industry and quality of their applications. You can easily find different strategies and merge different ideas to make your app successful.


Develop a Planned Pricing Approach for Your App

Do you know that monetization in the app store follows different purchase formats? You can make your application free to download, use subscription pricing and offer an initial download price. These pricing models for the apps have its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a right pricing model.

Most of the apps today take a freemium approach. Whether it is a gaming application that offers users a better gaming experience or eCommerce app that provide premium tier, the freemium model for the application is known for rewarding both scalability and value-driven apps.

If you are planning to launch an app that reaches millions of people, you can go with freemium pricing model as it will boost the prospect of adoption. But if you are working hard to connect with a niche audience to solve a problem, the paid or you can choose a subscription model as it will work best.

Identify Your Beta Users & Test

The beta users are considered as the final test group of your application. The beta users will share an honest and a right review for your application. This can help you be more innovative!

So, you make sure that you find the right group of beta users. In order to increase impressions, you can go with the public beta launch, which is open for all. On the other hand invite-only is also an option.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind the main aim of the app and know your ideal users. A public beta is a good option if it is really anyone. You can also check for the closest possible version of your users and can invite them if you are looking forward to more targeted beta versions.


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Ensure With Your App’s Size & Compatibility Ranges

The chances are high that the overall size of your application may affect its publication. However, the maximum size for both Apple App Store and Google Play Store is 100 MB that is if you wanted to download your app over the cell network, not on WiFi.

Do you know that compatibility is another major problem? Before you publish your application, it would be good for you to ensure that it runs properly on the platform versions. You can confirm the minimum version of Android or iOS that your app is compatible with.


Ensure that your application appears good when rendered on different screen sizes and different pixel densities you aim to support. You make sure that you provide scalable support for different screen sizes. Alternatively, you can state the minimum screen size that supported by your application.


Make It Easy for Users to Spread the Word


To make your app successful and popular, you need to make it easy for users to spread the word. Applications that become successful and go viral are much of the talk of the people. Therefore, it is good you make strong relationships with the media and other people, who are going to use your app before launching it.

You can do is participate in different forums online, blog commenting, different Facebook groups, etc. to make your app popular. Apart from this, you can make one campaign.  Enabling different people to sign-up and spread the word about your app when you launch your app helps. Like this, different posts and updates will be shared automatically with your app.

These are the five important things to consider when you publish your application in the app store. By considering these things, you can make your app popular and increase chances of success.


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